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Get a Speed Boost In Your Python Journey By Building These Amazing Projects

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I have been using python for the last 1 and a half year, and the things that I most like about python is its one-liners and packages. One thing that I realize that the best way to learn a programming language is to build projects in it.

In this blog, we will see 21 python projects with code. I would recommend you first try to build the solution on your own then look into my solution because you might build a better solution than me. If you are a pro in python, then you can also try these projects just to refresh your skills.

Learn to embed code in a beautiful way

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On Medium, programming is the most read content. The Programming tag itself has around 175k followers and combined with all other tags related to programming, it has over 500k followers. Most of the programming articles are tutorial and guide based articles. The soul of these articles are code blocks. If an author is successfully able to showcase the code in a beautiful way, then there is a higher chance that the article will get a huge response.

In this blog, I will show you 9 different ways you can embed code blocks in the medium.

1. Inline Code

Inline code is often used to highlight a keyword or an operator in the sentence. You can start an inline code by typing a single ` (backtick character) and then start typing. …

Some Questions To Check Your Knowledge of Python 🤔

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Python is one of the most and widely used languages in the world of programming. It has over 10 million-plus downloads. since the time it is developed and openly available for people to work it is becoming more and more famous. It is also mostly used in the field of AI. In this blog, we will see 50 python interview questions and answers.

1. What is Python and why it is so popular?

Ans: Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. Python’s design philosophy emphasizes code readability with its notable use of significant whitespace. …

You Should Start having a habit of these

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Python is very simple to learn. It is famous for hist One-Liners, Packages, and simple syntax.

There is no doubt that python is a simple, popular, and easy to understand language. There are so many things in python that make it different from the others.

“There is always space for improvement” — Oscar De La Hoya

There are still things that we can improve to write better code in python. In this blog, you will come through 10 tips to make your python code better.

1. Chaining Operators

Let’s think of a scenario where you are working for a recruiting agency and the HR of the company has given you a task to build a system that can be used to select all the candidates who fulfill the criteria. Now it's your job to retrieve all the candidates for the company. …

That makes python immortal

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“Image By Author”

The day I wrote my first line of code in Python, I become fascinated with the simplicity, popularity, and its famous one-liners. In the blog, I want to present some python one-liners.

1. Swapping Two Variables

# a = 4 b = 5
a,b = b,a
# print(a,b) >> 5,4

Let’s start with a simpler one by swapping two variables with each other. This method is one of the most simple and intuitive methods that you can write with no need to use a temp variable or apply arithmetic operations.

2. Multiple Variable Assignments

a,b,c = 4,5.5,'Hello'
#print(a,b,c) >> 4,5.5,hello

You can use commas and variables to assign multiple values to the variables at a time. Using this technique, you can assign multiple data types var at a time. You can use a list to assign values to variables. Below is an example of assigning multiple values to different var from a list. …

A Lazy Person Sharing his Thoughts on how to become lazier

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We Are At The End Of 2020. This year is full of disasters and Surprises which you can’t deny. Every day you wake up and got to know there is something mishappening someplace in the world. There are lots of things that happened this year whether it is the bush fire of Australia or Swarms of Locusts in Asia. Due to these vast amounts of disaster, we all have lost some precious things in our life. whether you lost your job or lost someone everyone has lost something. One Thing That Everyone Lost is Time and There is nothing precious than time. …

The Answer Might Surprise You, Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

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Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

Well, We All Know That Medium has changed its partner program policies and the way they pay writers. Now They pay writers based on the reading time of medium members. It is a bit confusing to calculate the earnings on your own. I have three articles that have one hour of reading time and all of them earn a different amount of money. The first one has earned two dollars, the second one has earned one dollar and twenty cents and the third story has earned only eighty cents.

Let’s get back to the topic of how much a story with over 100 hours of reading time earns. …

We Are Always Ready For Supporters and Content Writers

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Photo by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash

Pythoneers is the newest publication on medium. It is a publication based on Python Programming and Things That You Can Do With Python. We Accept a Variety of Topics.

Topics We Are Interested In

Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Data Science
Python Programming
Programming Tips and Tricks
Web Scraping
Web Automation
Desktop Development
GUI Development
Web Design and Development
Ethical Hacking
Computer Vision
Deep learning

How to Write a Perfect Article

1. Choose The Tags Wisely

When You Write On Medium The Main Thing You Need To Take Care of is your tags because they decide the place where your story is shown. Suppose if you are writing about programming and you choose tags as life and life lessons then there is a high chance that your story will end up gaining only a couple of hundred views. …

If You Want To Call Yourself A Developer Than Start Using These

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Windows is the most used operating system in the world. There are over one billion people who use Windows as their main operating system. Although Windows is not that safe in terms of privacy still almost 70–80% of developers use Windows as their first preference. Since the launch of Windows 10, many people have stopped using the terminal because of the number of options and easy interface windows offers, but we are developers if we don’t use it then who will??. This the only thing that separates us from the other windows users. …

Learn The Interaction Between Different Files

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Welcome Guys to the series of learning Python names as Python Basics. In this Blog of Tutorial, you will learn about Files and Different Operations Related to them.

Before Getting Started if haven’t read the previous blog about functions then go and read that first.


A Fille is a collection of data stored in one location or unit. These files contain some information and stored in the computer system. In General, We Divide files into two types of text files and binary files. …


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